AAVS Ivrea 2012

16-27 July 2012

Thirteen students coming from four different continents immerged themselves in the Olivettian culture and architectures with the objective of building a large scale architectural prototype responding to the emerging conditions of production of the site. A series of lectures and field trips critically introduced the students to the Olivettian social and architectural values, the reality of local call centres and the most recent studies focusing on the relation between modern subjectivity and the working environments of late capitalism.

Partners_AA, Adriano Olivetti Foundation, Gehry Technologies, ABB, City of Ivrea, Archiwaste

Tutors_Tommaso Franzolini, Pierre Cutellic, Rupert Malczeck, Chloe Genevaux, Guillaume Bounoure

Full Report

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Olivetti Complex in Scarmagno - Ivrea - Building Site - M.Zanuso 1968